Chloe Scheffe
Design, illustration, etc.

Issue 8
Here Magazine (Away)
Issue (84pp, gatefold map, cover with emboss)

Issue 8 includes stories on hiking in Peru, music in Ghana, and food in Dublin, a portfolio of speculative passport stamps, and profiles of musician Japanese Breakfast in Philadelphia and, on the cover, actor Mena Massoud in LA. Contributors include illustrators Whooli Chen and Family Brothers, photographers Chantal Anderson and Vanessa Granda, and environmental reporter Krithika Varagur.

Contents and editor's letter:

On Chilean cacti:

On the food scene in Dublin:

An interview with Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast:

On discovering Europe via Eurail:

The Hawaiian shirt around the globe:

A profile of Mena Massoud, Disney's new Aladdin:

On Guadalajara's art scene:

A portfolio of speculative passport stamps:

On places worth traveling for:

On the ground with a local: