Chloe Scheffe
Design, illustration, etc.

Issue 13
Here Magazine (Away)
Issue (84pp, cover w/clear foil and diecuts)

Photographers from New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, and Florence reflect on lockdown and springtime in their cities; writer Sarah Sax reports how COVID-19 devastated the hospitality industry; three historical fiction authors look back on their lives in quarantine; three science fiction writers dream up postpandemic travels; photographer Stephanie Gonot takes us on a world tour through non-perishables; illustrator Cory Feder reminisces on international greetings; writer Alexandra Marvar predicts positive change; and artist Viktor Hachmang creates our first-ever illustrated cover.

Art directed with Natalie Shields.

Contents and editor's letter:

Window views around the world:

An ode to nonperishables:

Historical fiction authors look back on their lives in quarantine:

Documenting the great indoors:

On the toll COVID-19 took on the travel industry:

A breath between sections:

Looking beyond the pandemic:

The people we cherish:

Science fiction writers imagine future utopias:

A trip through the five senses:

An ode to touch:

Springtime walks around the world:

A final moment of levity: