Chloe Scheffe
Design, illustration, etc.

Issue 11
Here Magazine (Away)
Issue (84pp, foldout cover w/foil and blind deboss)

Serena Williams is the world’s greatest athlete and still a work in progress; how Broadway star Isaac Powell, NYC Ballet principal Tiler Peck, and esteemed drag queen Miz Cracker stay dazzling on the road; nonconformists preserve Portland punk in the strip club capital of the country; Cape Town’s “Born Free Generation” finds its footing; illustrator Jesse Lortz designs tarot cards for frequent flyers; photographer Laurence Philomène captures all the single-use plastic we consume at the airport; and we explore Northern Ireland’s music city, Belfast.

Designed with Natalie Shields.

Contents and editor's letter:

A visual investigation of plastic accumulated while traveling:

Van Morrison's Belfast:

Packing with Isaac Powell, Tiler Peck, and Miz Cracker:

On Portland's mom 'n pop strip clubs:

A profile of Serena Williams:

Farm-to-table in Puerto Rico:

On Cape Town's queer musicians:

Exploring New York City through its commuters:

Travel tarot:

On the ground with a local: