Chloe Scheffe
Design, illustration, etc.

Final draft
Wordmark, catalogue (edition of 150)
Catalogue 8.5 x 11" at largest

Final draft was this year's graphic design senior show at RISD's Woods-Gerry Gallery. It focused on process and the potentially infinite editability of any 'finished' piece of design (and all the iterations that ultimately produced it). The install included vitrines of old drafts, material studies, and leftover materials, and each final work was captioned in pencil. I led the team that conceptualized and produced the catalogue and all of its components. Together we imagined an omniscient editor that would notate the promotional materials and provide the narrative for the show. Finally, we commissioned 15 seniors to produce small editioned works as an insight into our collective practice. These ranged from letterpressed cards to acrylic bracelets to holographic stickers, and were randomly distributed among the catalogues; each finished bag included at least four.

The other designers on the catalogue team were Rachel Ossip and Stephanie Low.

The exhibition was curated and coordinated by Alice Taranto and Michael Ee. Website (not pictured) by Amrit Mazumder. Photographs of the space and opening night by Patrick Han.