Chloe Scheffe
Design, illustration, etc.


Websafe 2k16 is a collection of writings by artists about the early Internet. I was invited to select one of the 216 original web safe colors and write 216 words about it. My pick was #660033.

Read the piece at Websafe 2k16. Excerpt below.

¶ Oxblood is the dried blood of the dead thing dad brings back on his tires. It’s the wet blood of the living thing at her keyboard, stilled hands over keys. She stacks punishment against desire to measure. Then it’s sumptuous, pizzicato-pulse blood that turns its way through circulatory system to fingers, ventricle to artery to vein to capillary to cut. She draws back.

ASDFJKL; — I don’t curse. Won’t for years.

I retreat. Don’t get online. Search for a bandaid and watch a friend IM instead. The responses come in, line by line by line. Glee, like noise beneath skin. Nacreous static. Glitter!